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From Halifax to D.C. To Cambridge in One Night
September 30, 2006


I took the meandering approach to the second night of the NEMO Music Festival, deciding to stop in places I like, to hear what I could hear. And it's a testament to the festival's bookers that I only intended to stay in each place for a few songs and ended up hanging out for almost full sets.

The Abbey played host to the "Halifax Explosion," a full night of bands from Nova . I caught Caledonia, who played a mix of modern rock, reggae and country wearing classy influences like the Police, Luna and Elvis on its nattily attired sleeve. They even did a spot on version of Costello's "Watching the Detectives," which gives you a sense of both their chops and what their own sense of dynamics are. Each of their originals had a sense of structure and craftmanship. Special props to bassist Zac who laid down tasteful, bubbly grooves under lead singer-guitarist Steve skewed licks. Really good stuff.



Nov. 29, 2006

Well we have just returned home from our first national tour. It was totally amazing. Thank you everyone who put us up for the night and fed us and of course thanks to everyone who came to the shows. 

It was really awesome to feel so welcome all across the country.  

Our homecoming show was at the Seahorse with the lovely and talented poet/musician Tanya this Saturday night and it was a great night. The place was packed and so many friends old and new came out to dance drink and fight.

We plan to take the next few weeks to rest and work on new material. Keep watching the stage page as we are now booking 2007.



PS- check out Carsten new article about the band.


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